Thursday, September 13, 2018

Leave Your Mark!

Ms. Beatman's 5th-8th grade students were given 2 minutes to leave their creative mark using an abstract design, paintbrush & paint to illustrate everyone's unique way of expressing themselves. 

How would you leave YOUR mark?

CLICK HERE to see ours!


Ms. Beatman's 5th grade class created bobble heads from pinch pots for their ceramics unit. 

To check them out - CLICK HERE


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Saxe Art Dept. Annual Holiday SOCK DRIVE!

This year, Saxe art students students donated over 430 pairs of socks to benefit 2 organizations. In Stamford, we delivered to The Pacific House and in Norwalk, The Open Door Shelter. Each decorated bag included warm socks and a carefully crafted, handmade card. This drive has been a great way to connect our students with the community and serves as an important reminder for us to share with those in need.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

BIG News from the Saxe Art Department:

We are thrilled to announce a mural project that we will be asking the students to help design & paint for the new wing!

In support of our amazing department, the PTC afforded us to have Ed MacEwen come to speak to the students about his painting career and work with large-scale murals. Ed not only has an impressive body of work to inspire us as we undertake this project, he also happens to be Mrs. Sailer's father.

During his visits, Ed discussed the creative thought process that happens as a project of this scale unfolds. From brainstorm lists, to sketches, to color scheme selection, he shared with the students his "word" mural he designed for the Wilton Library. 

Once the slideshow and discussion concluded, students began brainstorming for our mural. Our focus will be to convey a message of creativity, community & positivity while combining typography, shapes & color. 

Here are some photos of our visiting artist, Ed MacEwen & some of our students:
 Ed MacEwen shares his process & body of work with Saxe art students.

 A detail from one of the murals at Wilton Library painted by Ed & Mrs. Sailer.

 Mrs. Sailer & her father, Ed MacEwen, holding mini-version of the mural he painted for Wilton Library. It was signed by all volunteers that helped paint it.

Ed showing a sample of his chosen color scheme.

Saxe students ask the artist questions & get inspired!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Carriage Barn Exhibit

The Saxe Art Teachers

The Saxe Middle School art teachers visited the Carriage Barn at Waveny to see the latest exhibit, "Art X 8 Visions & Revelations". A variety of artists and mediums were on display in the 100+ works.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Everything you always wanted to know 
about our incredible art program is right here! 

Meet the art teachers, explore inside our rooms, 
hear about our curriculum and see student work! 

Please watch: