Sunday, November 10, 2019

NCPS Art Show at UCBC

Our 2nd Annual Student Art Show at UCBC is on!

Stop by and see the variety of work our students have put their heart & soul into. 

Works from elementary, middle & high school are on display from November 5th until mid-January. 

 Here is a sneak peek:

Monday, September 9, 2019

7th Grade Stop Animation

Here are a few Stop Animation Shorts from Mrs. Beatman's 7th Grade class:

Using the iPad app, Stop Motion, students were introduced to the technique of 
stop motion animation using mixed media. 

These short videos were filmed at 12 frames per second and used over 400 frames.


In case you were wondering about the VPA's mission you go!

Stay tuned for more SAXE ART happenings.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Leave Your Mark!

Ms. Beatman's 5th-8th grade students were given 2 minutes to leave their creative mark using an abstract design, paintbrush & paint to illustrate everyone's unique way of expressing themselves. 

How would you leave YOUR mark?

CLICK HERE to see ours!


Ms. Beatman's 5th grade class created bobble heads from pinch pots for their ceramics unit. 

To check them out - CLICK HERE


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Saxe Art Dept. Annual Holiday SOCK DRIVE!

This year, Saxe art students students donated over 430 pairs of socks to benefit 2 organizations. In Stamford, we delivered to The Pacific House and in Norwalk, The Open Door Shelter. Each decorated bag included warm socks and a carefully crafted, handmade card. This drive has been a great way to connect our students with the community and serves as an important reminder for us to share with those in need.